Nikon Z6 Review

Nikon is constantly striving to provide the best cameras in the mirrorless segment, and in this regard two powerful cameras in the mirrorless range, Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 have been introduced. Nikon Z7, and the Nikon Z6, are both identical cameras with common features. Both cameras augment a grand photographical experience for bringing new trends in mirrorless photography.

Speaking strictly aside, the Z6 has been designed for a different audience than the Z7. Z7 has been designed for ultra-high-resolution image and videography while, Z6 has been designed for those users that opt to select crop-sensor cameras rather than full -frame DSLRs.

The main difference among Z7 and Z6 include a 24MP image sensor in Z6 as compared to a 46MP sensor in Z7, that certainly reduces the image resolution of Z6. The Z6 is loaded with lower phase-detection autofocus points of 273 while Nikon Z7 is loaded with 493 autofocus points.

Other than that, both the cameras have same body structure, identical controls, and somewhat same functionality.

The camera is embedded with electronic viewfinder (EVF) that offers direct image processing. The feature allows reduction in overall size and weight of the camera for easy portability and handling experience.

The Nikon Z6 offers amazing features to capture your special moments using 12fps burst shooting (Raw + JPEG) with full resolution‌.

Many unique features, such as M H.264 8-bit internal video 100Mbps recording, enhance photographic range and greatly enhance camera performance.

Record streaming video via UHD 4K capture feature up to 30p with 10-bit N-log output via HDMI so you can capture the best moments of your life with amazing picture quality.

The powerful 3.69M OLED viewfinder with 2.1 M-dot tilting touch LCD screen L OLED top plate display further enhances your viewing results. The camera also offers a very robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with Snapbridge support.

The camera system provides ultimate 5-axis image stabilization technology.  The camera system provides your subjects razor sharp resolution and stability even if you are moving and ensures footage stability with high sensitivity.

Nikon Z6 can be regarded as one of the best cameras introduced by Nikon in the mirrorless category with solid results. If you are comfortable with a crop-sensor camera you should opt for Z6 in contrast to Z7 which has been designed for mirrorless camera range.


How to get stretched resolution in Fortnite PC?

In the Fortnite Battle game, many people want to get stretched resolution. The advantage of stretched resolution is that the target is larger to see and easier to hit. This also increases the fps. If you lower the resolution your graphics card will have less work to do and your performance will be increased.

The disadvantage of stretched resolution is when you are streaming and playing on stretched resolution your viewer will get a poor viewing experience. Most of the pro players believe that stretched resolution is more responsive may be due to higher fps and best performance.

Many Fortnite players have given it a try to play on stretched resolution including Turner Tfue Tenny. The epic game has helped Fortnite to get many new and unique features. Fortnite motivated many players to play the game as it has many advantages and full of fun games.

Steps to get stretched Resolution

  • If you want to get stretched resolution in the game then follow the steps:
  • The first step is that you must search for the app data folder on your device after you find it enters into that folder.
  • In the app folder, you have to select the Fortnite game and save it, and config it in the window client folder.
  • In your device go to the setting in-game user.
  • Then right-click on the screen at the bottom of the menu go to the properties and select it.
  • On that menu, there will be an option to read uncheck that read option.
  • After doing these steps go to the game setting and find the resolution which will be in the window options.
  • Then make the changes in all 1920 resolutions to 1444.
  • Then right-click on the desktop and make a new resolution to match those resolutions.
  • Launch Fortnite click on the option of creating and launch in creative go to battle pass and watch the video.
Home & Garden

Best Weed killer for Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is also known as scutch grass. Often it takes time to grow and set the grass on the lawn. Most often Bermuda grass is used in golf lawns in hottest regions. It’s very disappointing to see grass take over by the weeds. So to get rid of the weeds you must use the best weed killer fertilizers.

Bermuda may be harmful to the other plants as It is of high maintenance grass and difficult to control. Bermuda grass will particularly grow in any type of soil and once it grows it difficult to get rid of it. It can easily overrun the other plants and destroy them. But it can be killed by the weeds so get rid of the weeds use the best weed killer fertilizers some of them are as follows:

Monterey LG5518 Turflon ester:

One of the best weed killer and grass killer fertilizer. It comes in different sizes in the market. You can purchase the one you want and use it in your garden to save your grass from the weeds. The application to apply it is simple you can just mix it with water and attach the spray tank with the bottle and spread it on the grass. It will help the grass to get rid of the weeds.

BioAdvanced Bermudagrass Control for Lawns:

This fertilizer may be dangerous for other plants as it is of high potential and may harm the plants. The solution is already mixed to use you don’t have to mix it by yourself. It can be used by inexperienced users as well.