Can E-Cigs Continue as the Fastest Growing UK Industry?

In recent years, as vaping has become a rising international fad, the vaping and e-cigarette sector has developed dramatically to satisfy demand. More and more people are quitting smoking or trying to cut down on their smoking by using vapes. Vapes are available in the market and they are becoming popular day by day. Most people are using it to quit vapes and some of them are using it as a trend.

Vapes are electronic devices with built-in batteries and pods that hold e-juice. The most common name of vaping is e-cigs, e-juice, vape pen, mods, and tanks. Some of the vapes are portable and they can easily slip into your pocket and you can take sips any time you want to.

Others are desktop vapes that are as large as the size of a tank with an external battery. They provide high functionality and are best for use if you want to stick in one place. At first most of the vaping devices were used by high school students who were not even smokers. Vaping is best but only for those who want to quit smoking permanently.

What is E-Cigs or E-Cigarettes?

Most people are not aware of what e-cigs are. The E-cigarette is an electronic device that works by heating the liquid solution at high temperatures to produce an aerosol. Vaping is produced by using many chemicals such as nicotine, propylene glycol, and many others. Many different flavours have been used in e-cigs. E-cigs are of two type’s portable and desktop vapes. The use of vaping is increasing and according to the research, the growth rate will be increased to 22% in the future. E-cigs and vaping are becoming more popular in the market with time.

Online promotion:

One of the strongest and main reasons for e-cig growth in the industry is because of the online campaign and promotion. You may have seen many ads and videos in which they are promoting the use of vaping. E-cigs are been promoted more than other products such as house accessories.

In the ads, they show how easy and comfortable vaping devices can be used as compared to smoking. In smoking, you have to complete the cigarette or burn it but vapes devices are quite opposite you can take few sips of it and put it back in your pocket. When the viewer saw this they become eager to use the device. Some of them use it to quit smoking but most people start it as a hobby. In online promotion websites also provide discounts and coupons to attract more users and to sell their products. All these factors play an important role in the growth of e-cigs.

Better and easy to use:

E-cigs have become a fashion and people now think that cigarettes are old-fashioned. Yes, there are some advantages of e-cigs as compared to cigarettes. E-cigs are small devices with lightweight and comes in different styles as most of the vaping devices are the same as the design of the pen. Which means that you can use them anywhere at any time even at the places where tobacco smoking is prohibited? Vaping does not have a smell as compared to a cigarette you can use it in public places without disturbing the people around you.

Level of Nicotine:

In vaping devices, you can choose the devices based on nicotine level. In the market, there are plenty of vaping devices available with different flavours, strengths, and levels of nicotine. The beginner can purchase the one with a low level of nicotine so that it can help them quit smoking and with having the habit of vapes. Most people take a vape with a higher nicotine level and reduce the level with time.

This is missing in regular smoking you cannot adjust the level of nicotine in it. It is also considered that e-juice is less harmful as compared to smoking because it does not contain tobacco which is harmful to health. Vaping devices also have temperature settings through which you can set the temperature to low to prevent more chemicals. Most people believe that vaping is easier to use as compared to a cigarette.


More and more online websites are becoming popular just because of the product they are selling. Vaping is growing more vastly in the UK industry just because of the promotion. Check out one of the fastest-growing vape shops UK. They are developing different ways for the users to get vapes and use them. E-cigs will take over the economy in the coming years.

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