Cyberpunk 2077 Beginner Tips And Tricks

Skill Points

Save your skill points for certain situations when you level up you don’t have to go and assign your skill points right away for example there are tons of doors and different passageways and stuff in the environment that require you to use like technical or intelligence or cool maybe it requires you to have a certain amount of points put into your body so one thing that we found out that was really handy was we would wait until the opportunity presented itself where we would have three or four attribute points just waiting and then if we came across the door that required like nine power.

Dialogue Options

We was only at like seven well then we would just pause the game spin those two skill points on whatever it was that we needed at that exact moment and then we could progress through that door same thing applies for dialog options there are a lot of dialogue options in the game where sometimes you need a high technical ability or high intelligence or really high cool and if you have a bunch of these attribute points just stored up and you see that you have to have like a cool level of eight and you’re only sitting at five and there’s this dialogue option that could present a new opportunity for you you could just pause the game level yourself up a couple times and then all of a sudden you can unlock that new dialogue option so we really recommend you just hold on to those points until you need them and then.

Side missions

Do side missions so that you can level up your character so you get more dialogue options for the main story if you take the time to branch out from the main story and you level up your character you’re going to see way more dialogue options available to you in the main story if you go grind for five or six hours doing side quests and you get your technical ability up to 10 or 11 you’re suddenly going to get way more opportunities in the main story anytime there’s a new dialogue option that requires you to have a high technical skill or higher intelligence versus if you just play the game straight through.

Side Quests

You don’t level yourself up pretty much at all and you just stick directly to the main story not to mention if you do some of the side quests there are multiple different endings that this game can have and if you take the time to do a lot of the side quests you’re going to be presented with different endings towards the end versus if you do no Cyberpunk side quests Native Gamer at all then you’re have a pretty cut and dry ending and it’s not be as special when you beat the game because you’re only have like one or two options to choose from versus all the different options you could have had if you just did some extra side missions.

Street Cred

The most important now this tip is actually going to help you level up a lot this is something that we figured out when we was trying to level up my street cred we was sitting at about level 24 or 25 with my street cred and the max level is 50. and as soon as we figured out this trick we started to level up really really fast so what you need to do is actually be stealthy anytime you’re presented with the opportunity where you can sneak up on a bunch of people.

If you sneak up on people and you incapacitate them it gives you a little bit of xp so what we like to do is we sneak around the entire base knock out every single person and then as they’re laying on the ground if you go back and you kill all those people that you knocked out it actually gives you more xp for killing those people as well compared to if you just ran straight in and killed everybody you only get that first bit of xp for that initial kill.

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