How to Check Vivo Mobile IMEI Number?

Vivo is a Chinese company that is quite well-known for creating smartphones, accessories and software. They have created some effective software which has become quite useful for the users.

Vivo is known for launching free IMEI’s checking websites. You can check your IMEI’s status from this application and that’s also for free.

How to check Vivo IMEI number

  •  download the free Vivo IMEI’s number application
  •  Dial *#06# on your phone
  •  Enter your phone’s IMEI number
  •  You will then receive the status of your phone.

The process is quite simple but why it is important to check IMEI’s number.

What is the IMEI number?

IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity. It is a unique 15 digit code that identifies the device. IMEI’s first 14 digits are given by the GSM association organization and the last number defines an algorithm named Luhn formula and has a control character.

There is a different IMEI’s number for every phone in the world. The main purpose of IMEI‘s number is to have the phone’s permanent identity. The sim card cannot be the permanent identity of the device because it can easily be transferred from one device to another. Therefore, IMEI’s number was developed in the world of devices.

Why IMEI checking application was created?

Vivo free IMEI checking application was created for various reasons. It is one of the famous IMEI features in the world. It’s completely free and has benefited thousands of people around the world. IMEI’s number is useful because you get the opportunity to find out important information, such as carrier info, purchase date, blacklist status, warranty date and much more. You also get to know that which mobile network is used by the device.

What can you find out by checking the IMEI’s number?

You can find out many things by using IMEI’s number, such as network and country origin of your device, warranty information carrier information, device specification, system version and other personal information.

It is important to check IMEI’s number to know whether the device is original or not. You can also find out about iCloud status, seller information, phone blacklist, unlocking sim lock and other relevant information. IMEI number plays a huge role before buying the phone. Therefore, IMEI’s must be checked beforehand and other relevant information related to it.

How does IMEI function?

IMEI is important for carrying out the relevant search about the phone. By using the Vivo free IMEI’s application, you can get to know the status of the phone. Whether it is a stolen or a lost phone. Customers often search about the IMEI’s number to know its status.

Once you have identified the number you can check by calling its carrier or directly check it from mobile diagnostic like phone check

The phone which is blacklisted means that it was reported stolen or has been reported to the authorities. The blacklisted number means that the database of all the IMEI and ESN numbers have been reported by phone carriers, insurance companies and legal authorities.

Who can block IMEI’s number?

Well, it is the phone carriers, Verizon or AT&T who blacklist the phone. If the phone gets stolen or lost then users usually put the phone’s IMEI’s number on the blacklist. The reason could be the unpaid bills or balance. Only the phone carriers can unlock the phone. We often assume that Apple blacklists the phone but this isn’t the case. Apple doesn’t do that due to its policy of not handling the stolen phones. Therefore, it’s always better to do our research before purchasing any phones to avoid such circumstances.

How can we get IMEI’s number unblocked?

Yes, we can keep the phone but we do need to unblock the IMEI’s number. If you decide to keep the blacklisted phone then you must find its original owner because only they can unlock the phone. Secondly, you can sell these blacklisted phones to the local shops as they can use them for parts.

Thirdly, some online buyback stores are also willing to buy financed phones by paying the remaining instalments of the phone. However, if by chance you can find the owner and switch the carriers then you can sell the phone by using the traditional method. It can then be sold at the same value as the unlocked phone.

What to check before buying a new phone.

It is important to check the used phone before buying it. You can check the used phone by checking IMEI in the GSMA database. This application can be run in multiple countries, such as Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the USA and many more.

It supports all brands of smartphones, such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, Apple and many more. A buyer should check IMEI to make sure that the phone is all cleaned and not blacklisted. The used phone should not be stolen, lost or has any remaining bills left as then phone can be restricted anytime by the authorities.

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