The Importance of Learning English

The world has more than 6500 languages spoken today, so why should you learn English? There are over 118 countries in the world where English is widely spoken and taught, in addition to its use as a trade language or diplomatic language. Scientists, pilots, computer programmers, diplomats, and tourists speak it.

As well as being a language of international communication, it is the language of media and the internet. You will be able to reach your goals if you understand the importance of English, whether for work or personal reasons. It is not from the hardest languages to learn. You should keep learning and practicing your English language skills for the following reasons.

Across the globe, English is the language of communication

While English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is the official language in 53 countries and it is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people. Besides that, it’s also the most commonly spoken second language on earth.

By 2020, two billion people will study English in the world, according to the British Council. Thus, you’re very likely to be able to communicate with someone from another country if you meet them. Your door is open to the world, and you can communicate with people around the world.

English provides more entertainment and easier access to the Internet

In the present day, English-language books, TV shows, films, and music are widely available. If you know English, you will no longer need to rely on translations and subtitles.
In addition to improving your listening and reading skills, you will also improve your spoken English.

The language of the internet is currently English. The internet is used by about 565 million people every day, with about 52 percent of the world’s top fifty most visited websites in English.
Learning this language allows you to access half the internet’s content, which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Having a working understanding of English will allow you to exchange information online with more people and use more materials, regardless of whether you are doing so for fun or for work.

Traveling is easier when you speak English

Due to the fact that English is spoken as a first language in 53 countries, and as a second language in more than 118 countries, learning the language makes traveling much easier.
Even countries with different alphabets often offer airport announcements in English, train schedules, emergency information, and street signs.

In any country where you do not speak the local language, it is virtually a given that someone will be able to speak English at least in part. The different languages are spoken in the different countries but English speakers are available in every country.

You can become smarter by learning English

You improve your analytical and cognitive abilities by learning a foreign language. Learning a new language can be difficult and requires a great deal of mental exercise. Dual languages skills can help keep the brain active and healthy into old age, as well as improve concentration and memory. Individually, it improves personality and increases self-esteem. Learning a foreign language makes the brain stronger and more versatile.

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